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FullFocusK9 Branding

FullFocusK9 is a dog training company based out of Lawrenceville, Georgia that offers private lessons and board and train programs for all breeds and ages of dogs. Through their training, it is important to FullFocusK9 that dogs and their owners develop a fun, happy relationship that is founded on structure and clear communication. To maintain a professional, cohesive brand image, I designed the start-up branding for their company including the logo, business cards, social media cover photo & icons, custom e-collar remote, and website.

The Logo

At FullFocusK9, it’s all about relationship, structure, reliability, and clear communication. In the logo, the dog and owner are both actively engaged with each other and it is clear that they have a fun, happy relationship. The leash envelops them, coming nearly full circle to connect them, which illustrates connection and communication. The rolling hills in the background reference FullFocusK9’s location in Northeast GA while speaking to reliability. Many owners struggle getting their dogs to be reliably obedient everywhere but truly desire to enjoy adventures with their canine companion. Here the dog is shown focused on its owner, despite distractions and being in an outdoor environment. The calming teal color is seen in three layers, referencing a structured approach to both FullFocusK9’s dog training programs, and the process of taking training one step at a time— foundation, focus, then freedom.


The typeface is fun and light-hearted, with smooth, gentle curves that illustrate clear communication and engagement. Additionally, its flowing nature mimics the hills, tying the logo together cohesively.

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Business Cards

Clean and professional, while being engaging and fun the FullFocusK9 business cards have a variety of colored backs.

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Custom Remote Collar

As a dealer for E-Collar Technologies, FullFocusK9 has custom e-collars that their clients will receive when their dog completes each training program.