Mayfield Dairy Re-Brand

Mayfield used to be a brand that pushed the envelope of innovation, looked to the future with a desire to make a difference in the industry, and was among the leading dairy producers in the US. After being acquired by Dean Foods, Mayfield started to rely on their rich history and reputation to consistently drive sales and maintain customers. Because of this, they have not adapted to reach the next generation of their target audience. When a brand loses sight of who they are as a company, so will its customers. This has played a very significant role in Mayfield’s loss of popularity and sales as a whole. A re-brand for Mayfield is not just about a new look, it’s about re-aligning their company with its vision, target audience, and purpose that will completely shift the whole trajectory of their company. It’s time to regain and restore a distinct & memorable reputation for Mayfield. Implementing a new design system and a consistent, unified story once again will make all the difference for Mayfield Dairy Farms.

The Logo

huge target demographic for Mayfield Dairy are kids and their parents. My main goal in re-designing their logo was to make it more inviting, fresh, and kid-friendly, while maintaining resemblance to the previous logo. I re-designed the cow, keeping the head position similar. The type is a handwritten style to bring a warm, softness to the brand while still maintaining an all caps, sans serif typeface for "Mayfield". 





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New Brand Colors

Mayfield's iconic yellow remains the same from the previous branding. Instead of the dark brown, I chose a navy blue that accompanies it as the other primary color. A green, orange, and lighter blue are used as accent colors for the new branding. To use the accent colors, either the yellow or navy must be present elsewhere in the design. The overall goal with the new colors is to bring new life while making it more appealing to kids, a huge target demographic for Mayfield Dairy Farms.

Before & After Website


Additional Treatments

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Before & After Delivery Trucks


Ice Cream

Ice Cream Package Mockup 01.jpg
Ice Cream Package Mockup 05.jpg
Ice Cream stick.jpg
04 Milk or Juice Carton Mock-Up v4.jpg

Partnering with Schools

One of Mayfield's largest customers has always been the public school systems. Creating fun packaging that brightens a kid's day is essential. Additionally, providing draw string bags (with goodies inside) at community outreach events or after tours at Mayfield Dairy Farms in Athens, TN is a great way to encourage kids to be active and serves as a reminder to keep working hard to chase their dreams (and also enjoy some great ice cream along the way).

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Interactive Campaign

Bringing smiles and joy to kids and their families is at the very heart of Mayfield Dairy Farms. This interactive campaign gets the whole family involved in a fun game while creating brand recognition. Kids are notorious for remembering things that excite them, and by directly involving them in the campaign, it creates opportunities for Mayfield to once again become a household name that is spoken of with joy.

How it Works

Children or Families may see Mayfield's Name that Moovie campaign in public or on social media. Each month a new quote from a popular children's movie is released, and words that rhyme are replaced by the "moo" as a fun disguise. People are encouraged to comment the name of the movie on the Instagram or Facebook post for a chance to win one of several sets of three free movie tickets and a voucher for a free half gallon of ice cream. This shows Mayfield's dedication to creating fun memories for children while providing an opportunity for quality family time. 


The Taste of Childhood Campaign

Mayfield's rich history is riddled with stories of adults saying that Mayfield was their favorite childhood brand. It's time to bring back those memories while giving the new generation the taste of childhood for years to come while .