No Greater Gift Branding

No Greater Gift is a company that provides custom gift baskets & mailer boxes for real estate agencies to leave for their new home owners. It's a super creative way to help people feel welcomed, cared about, and inspired in their new home. I was hired to do NGG's overall company branding as well as both the art direction and photoshoots of their baskets.

The Logo

The NGG logo is neatly wrapped in  a circle with decorative floral elements. The floral elements are partially hidden, as if to overflow slightly from the circle, the way the items in the baskets may be viewed from the outside. The logo may be seen with or without the slogan outside of the circle. I did not illustrate the floral elements myself but purchased the illustration for this logo.

NGG Blank Background with tagline.png

The Mailer Boxes

No Greater Gift also creates gifts that can be shipped directly to the new home owner. Each gift is specially packaged in its own mailer box. NGG needed two box sizes designed, one for their larger boxes, and one for their smaller orders. The client wanted the shipping label on the top of the box so the contents would not get jumbled around as much during the shipping process. A clear space is left for the label to be placed. 

Business Card

The business cards are gold foiled with a raised texture similar to a spot gloss. The gold foiling and texture adds a clean, elegant touch to the cards that encourages their recipients to keep them. It also shows the new home owners and potential clients that No Greater Gift takes great consideration in the little details that make all the difference. 

No Greater Gift Rack Card-1.jpg
No Greater Gift Rack Card-2.jpg

The Rack Card

The rack card for NGG is used to give realtors a quick intro to several of their most popular baskets and what they could include for new home owners.

The Photography

As a part of the overall branding for the company, I'm doing the art direction and photoshoots of their baskets.