Phone Wallpaper Quote

Winter 2019

Cody phone wallpaper5.jpg

Sometimes we need a reminder that life is more than just the situations we are in presently. I made this phone wallpaper quote of "Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% how you react to it." 

The overall design is very rigid and structured, yet the angles give it movement and dynamism. Life and situations are constantly changing, moving. The angles represent and illustrate that aspect of life. Conversely, the choice to take a step back from the moment by moment viewfinder to see the bigger picture, and therefore choose to make wise decisions based on that bigger picture, takes immense self-control, discipline, and structure. So the quote is confined structurally within a moving, dynamic background.


Within the quote itself, the 90% part of the quote is considerably larger than the 10%, typographically illustrating the idea. The 10% is also visually above the 90% because what happens to us is often what we feel first. But it is our attitude and mentality towards the situation that makes the biggest difference. Our reactions to situations are what speak the loudest about who we are. Tough things happen to all people one way or another, but how people respond to those hard things is what we see the most.