SCAD FASH Event Invitation

Every year the Savannah College of Art and Design features work from world renown fashion designers in their museum of Fashion + Art. I designed an invitation for special guests to attend their opening reception and fundraiser. The invite is then sent to specific guests for a private, invitation-only event. This particular exhibition, called Kaleidoscope Katrantzou, features work by Mary Katrantzou. 

For a Valued Guest

My goal in designing this invitation was to capture the spirit of the exhibition, its elegance, and also make each invitation recipient feel valued. I wanted to create an invitation that the recipient would not want to throw away, regardless of whether or not they would be able to attend. Throughout the process of opening the invitation, my intention was to surprise and delight the recipient each step of the way.

Inspired by the Dress

The invitation design was inspired by a dress from Katrantzou’s Spring Summer 2017 collection with the Maia top, Maia shield, and Thouskis Trousers, which will be featured in the exhibition. The dress has a unique pattern of multi-colored squares. The pattern on the sleeve that contains the invite is the same pattern on the dress, with matched colors. While the dress is elegant, it is also simple in terms of the use of geometric shapes. A simple, single colored page is revealed on each fold of the invite. Ultimately the recipient will open the last fold, which reveals the dress that the invitation is inspired by as well as a taste of what they will see at the exhibition.

Special Touches

Silver and blue foil is used throughout the entire invitation. The SCAD FASH logo and exhibit remains hidden, to be discovered by the valued guest who is invited to attend the event.

Designer Revealed

The invitation is removed and the fashion designer is revealed as Mary Katrantzou. The goal is to create an experience for the invitation recipient. Having to work for something automatically creates a sense of involvement in the event and increases the value of the invitation itself. The recipient is less likely to throw away something that they've had to work to discover what is inside.

Build Anticipation

Slowly revealing the essential information that the recipient wants to know creates a feeling of adventure, anticipation, and excitement to know what other surprises there may be along the way. The hope is that upon receiving the invitation, the recipient will feel special and honored that such time and care was taken in inviting them to this event. As a result, they are more likely to return the favor by sending the reply card with their RSVP for the event.

Surprise & Delight

A pop up of the dress that inspired the whole invitation is revealed at the end. The RSVP card is found secure in a pocket on the back of the invitation and not loose inside the envelope as pictured below.

DSC_5920-e copy.jpg