The Inside Scoop Magazine

The Inside Scoop magazine is about the physiology of our bodies. It primarily explores what various foods, drinks, pharmaceutical drugs, illegal substances, additives, preservatives, vitamins, minerals, supplements, and chemicals actually do once they are ingested by us. But it also may feature issues that pertain to overall well-being and health in general, such as exercise. This magazine takes the reader on a journey following these substances or activities through the body and how they change who we are on the inside.

Magazine Content

The magazine predominantly features articles rooted in content originating from a variety of peer reviewed research, studies, current scientific findings, doctors, and experts in the topic's field. After compiling the content, it is then consolidated and rewritten for the general public to understand and learn from. While this magazine is fact driven and strives to be as scientifically accurate as possible, it is not intended to be extremely technical. Interviews from experts that are good at communicating physiology in language that can be understood will be transcribed for the magazine.

Logo & Purpose

The Inside Scoop exists with the goal of accomplishing three things: to educate, to enlighten, and to empower. They want to educate readers who are curious, unaware, skeptical, or desire to learn more about this type of content. They also seek to enlighten readers by inspiring them to make better choices while bringing awareness where there previously was a lack of knowledge. Ultimately they strive to empower readers by providing relevant information that can aid them in their search for truth and help them make informed decisions that pertain to their health and life.

Intended Audience

The Inside Scoop is intended for people ages 18+, both male and female, of any income status, and ethnic background. The magazine would benefit people of most stages in life that want to learn more about how what is put into their body affects it. This could include the middle aged person who wants to know more about the drugs their doctor is prescribing them without being overwhelmed by endless fine print and confusing terminology. An elderly person may have taken a drug for years and want to know what it actually has been doing all this time or if what they’ve heard all their lives about certain foods actually do what they claim to. A parent might purchase the magazine for their college student to help them make informed choices for their future. A young professional may want to be proactive in taking charge of their health by educating themselves about the potential damage eating certain foods with processed ingredients could do to their body. This magazine is for people who aren’t content with taking someone’s word for it or blindly trusting marketing, they want to know the why and how. This magazine is for the curious, for the skeptic, for those concerned, overwhelmed, or unaware, for those who strive to know more, and those who want to share what they learn with others.

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The Tone

The tone of the magazine is an inspiring yet educational one, seeking to provide readers with information that will empower them with knowledge to take charge of caring for what gives them life: their body and health.

Responsive Reading

Some readers may subscribe to the magazine online. One feature the online version offers allows readers to tap on a section of text that is underlined, which indicates a source. When they tap on the underlined text, the source pops up with information about it, whether an article or book, and the reader has the option to purchase the book or find out more about the source directly. This allows readers to do some of their own research on the topic discussed. Because a large purpose of the magazine is to encourage people to take control of their own life and health, empowering them with the sources is one way The Inside Scoop shows integrity and authenticity to its readership.